Replacement of Falk coupling

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The transmission efficiency of the shaft device is determined by 99.47%, its short-time overload capacity is two times of the rated torque, the machine runs safely and reliably.

So it can bear larger load change than the common flexible coupling .

 A wide range of load,starting safely 

The contact surface between two hubs and grid is curved shape, when the torque is increasing, the grid will be deformation with the curved tooth face, it make the force that two hubs load on grid is closed.

Good vibration-dampening performance and long service life.

Trapezoidal section grid is made of high quality spring steel, it is heat-treated strictly and through special processing,it has good mechanical properties, so the service life of the coupling is much longer than nonmetallic couplings (such as elastic sleeve coupling, nylon pin coupling).

replacement of
falk coupling


Low noise and good lubrication

Aluminum-alloy cover can avoid the grid be thrown out during the machine running,Grease filled into the cover to assure good lubrication,and absorbing noise.

Large allowable deviation of installation

  As the contact between grid and curved tooth is coincident automatically,it can work normally with radial,angular and axial assembly deviation.

falk coupling

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Simple structure

It is made of only a few parts, with small volume and light weight. It is more convenient of meshing of trapezoidal section grid and the trapezoidal grooves, so that makes it easier than common coupling on assembly,disassemble and maintenance.

It provides a mechanical seal between a stationary supply pipe and a rotating equipment to permit the flow into and/or out. 

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