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Falk Coupling

What is a Falk coupling?

Whether you are looking for a fluid coupling or a spline coupling, there are many types of Falk couplings on the market. They have been used for many years in critical applications around the world. They are highly adaptable and can be customized to meet your specific needs. They also help you keep your equipment performing in the harshest conditions.

Product Falk Coupling

So It Can Bear Larger Load Change Than The Common Flexible Coupling .

Falk Coupling Gap

Falk coupling gap is a critical consideration when installing a new coupling or replacing an insert, especially if the equipment being connected is moving. The proper gap between the hubs ensures the coupling will function properly and reduce vibration.

 A Wide Range Of Loads, Starting Safely

The contact surface between two hubs and grid is curved shape, when the torque is increasing, the grid will be deformation with the curved tooth face, it make the force that two hubs load on grid is closed.

Good vibration-dampening performance and long service life.

Trapezoidal section grid is made of high quality spring steel, it is heat-treated strictly and through special processing,it has good mechanical properties, so the service life of the coupling is much longer than nonmetallic couplings (such as elastic sleeve coupling, nylon pin coupling).

Replacement Of
Falk coupling


Low Noise And Good Lubrication

Aluminum-alloy cover can avoid the grid be thrown out during the machine running,Grease filled into the cover to assure good lubrication,and absorbing noise.

Large Allowable Deviation Of Installation

  As the contact between grid and curved tooth is coincident automatically,it can work normally with radial,angular and axial assembly deviation.

Types of Falk Couplings

Our Falk coupling replacements are designed to provide your application’s optimum speed and torque. They are adaptable and have a long history of performance and durability in critical applications. They are used in the aerospace, automotive, food, and medical industries. They can be manufactured from stainless steel, titanium, and other materials. They come with a five-year warranty.

Falk gear coupling replacements are designed to transmit power between two rotating shafts. They have two flexible joints attached to each shaft. They are designed to minimize misalignment and shock loads. They are also easy to replace. They can transfer torque from the drive turbine to the output turbine. They are used in car assembly.

We specialize in producing Agricultural Gearbox, PTO Shafts, Sprockets, Fluid Coupling, Worm Gear Reducers, Gears and racks, Roller Chains, Sheave and Pulleys, Planetary Gearboxes, Timing Pulleys, Shaft Collars, and more.

Falk Coupling Alignment Tolerances


  • Falk couplings are one of the most widely used couplings in industrial applications. These precision-manufactured couplings are designed to transfer power from the motor to the pump, and they also form an important part of a variety of other industrial equipment, such as compressors and chiller units.


  • Alignment Tolerances

  • Falk Coupling alignment tolerances ensure that the coupling is properly installed and securely attached to the shaft to which it is attached. Misalignment can cause serious damage to the coupling.

Falk Coupling Distributors

Choosing Falk Coupling Distributors For Your Device Is A Key Decision.

 The right coupling will help you extend the life of your equipment while saving you time and money. The Falk series offers a wide selection of hubs, components, or complete couplings for a variety of applications with torque and hole capacity to meet your desired application requirements.

Excellent lubrication properties, the largest perforations in the market, and up to 30% vibration damping properties are a few of the reasons why Rexnord Falk Couplings are trusted by the construction, mining, aggregate, and other industries. They help extend the life of the equipment and reduce system overloads.

Falk Coupling Parts

It is made of only a few parts, with small volume and light weight. It is more convenient of meshing of trapezoidal section grid and the trapezoidal grooves, so that makes it easier than common coupling on assembly,disassemble and maintenance.

Benefits Of Falk Couplings


You can achieve performance well above industry standards by using Falk Coupling components in your transmission. Falk coupling replacements are made to withstand environmental conditions such as dust, extreme temperatures, and torque conditions that any application may require.

Significant benefits of using Falk couplings include:

  • 16 times more durable in shock load applications
  • They can withstand up to twice the specified deviation limit
  • They require an average of 400,000 cycles before failure, 16 times more than competing brands
  • They are 87.5% more durable than competing brands
  • They are proven to be the best couplings for lower cost of ownership by reducing downtime

You can rest easy knowing that with Falk gear couplings, you are saving valuable time and money.

Falk Grid Coupling

It provides a mechanical seal between a stationary supply pipe and a rotating equipment to permit the flow into and/or out. 

Our Falk Coupling Catalog

If you need customized products or the products you need are not found on our website, the falk grid coupling manual, or need a falk coupling catalog, don’t worry; more of our products are still being uploaded. You can contact us directly by email, and we will reply within 24 hours!

Why is a Falk Coupling Flexible?

Flexible. This type of coupling flexes and moves to accommodate torque in misaligned shafts. Flexible falk couplings allow some radial, axial and angular misalignment and dampen vibration and noise. Typical applications for flexible falk couplers are in the food, aerospace, and medical industries.

Falk Coupling

Falk Coupling Grease

Most lubricated couplings have a sleeve or cover to keep the lubrication inside. However, sleeve seals are not always sufficient protection. It may not prevent axial movement of the coupling.

Falk coupling grease equivalent is very important,base oils are included in the grease composition to minimize viscosity changes with temperature. This helps reduce re-lubrication intervals. Ester base oil, silicone base oil and fluorine base oil are available.

Using falk coupling grease on your couplings is a great way to extend the life of your couplings and reduce the maintenance required. However, you must take certain precautions to ensure you get the most out of your grease. This includes using the correct thickness of grease and regular oil changes.

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