Cooler China in Lattakia Syrian Arab Republic fenner grid coupling price in Lubango Angola helical coupling sales Annular Cooler with top quality lowest price

Cooler  China  in   Lattakia Syrian Arab Republic   fenner grid coupling  price    in   Lubango Angola   helical coupling sales   Annular Cooler with top quality lowest price

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blast ring type cooling machine is the main supporting equipment of large and medium-sized sintering machine in metallurgical enterprises, used for cooling hot sinter after crushing and screening.Structure and features: air blower ring type cooling machine is driven by friction wheel with friction plate, which makes the trolley with hot sinter realize rotary movement. Between the loading and unloading parts, the cool air of blower enters from the bottom of the trolley and penetrates the hot sinter layer, taking heat away to cool the sinter.The air blower ring type cooling machine has the characteristics of small occupation area, compact equipment, energy saving, high overall utilization rate and low cost.


0.3MT/Y (30m3)
0.6MT/Y (50m3)
1.2MT/Y (69m3)
2.4MT/Y (150m3)

Specification for Circular Cooler

1  Production Description

1.1  Technical Parameter

1.1.1  Effective cooling area:50m2
1.1.2  Processing capacity:Normal:100t/h ;Max:110t/h
1.1.3  Mean diameter of annular cooler:12,500mm
1.1.4  No. of trolley:28
1.1.5  Width of trolley:1800mm
1.1.6  Feeding temperature:1250ºC
1.1.7  Discharging temperature:~150ºC
1.1.8  Effective cooling time:24.8~73.5min
1.1.9  Thickness of material bed:762mm
1.1.10 Specific gravity of agglomeration:2.2t/m2
1.1.11 No. of bellows:9
1.1.12 No. of ash unloading valves:9
1.1.13 Main reducer :No.B45V11 (Flander)  ratio:i=3.5
1.1.14 Main motor :No.QABP160M6A
rated power : P=7.5KW speed : n=975r/min

1.2  Basic structure and configuration of equipment

The rotary-type cooler is the cooling equipment of oxide pellet that is compatible with rotary kiln. The effective cooling area of this rotary-type cooler is 50 m2. The rotary direction of the trolley is clockwise and its medium diameter is φ12.5 m and its effective width is 1.8 m. The rotary-type cooler has two sets of driving gears and its working system is continuous duty.

The rotary-type cooler can be divided into three sections and chambers. A partition is set between one section and another. The rotary-type cooler is mainly made up of the transmission gear, rotary parts, the side block roller, the feed hopper, the hood, bellows, the hood in the discharge zone, the discharge device and double-decked cinder valve and so on.

The rotary parts are made up of the rotary framework, the trolley, the roller arm of the trolley and the chain bracket. The trolley is made of special heat-resistant steel and connected to the rotary framework by axis.

Nine bellows of the rotary-type cooler are installed on the generator bracket. The seal of bellows and turning frameworks shall adopt rubber friction seal. Manual regulating valves are set between bellows connected by two adjacent air blowers. The cinder valves of double gravity are set below bellows in order to discharge balk cargo in the bellows.

The feed hopper is made up of the hopper, the partition and the weight for leveling materials with the bearing on the platform of civil engineering. The weight for leveling materials in the feed hopper can keep the height of the trolley’s batch layer in the designed height and its material is ZGCr25Ni20NmoRe. The ore-dumping hopper is made by welding steel plate and shaped steel and its interior is equipped with wear-resistant plate to avoid the wear and tear of the hopper caused by materiel and supplies.

The transmission gear of the rotary-type cooler has twin drives and consists of EPT machinery, decelerator, coupling, drive platform and so on. The press rail is used for restricting the reversal of the trolley and guiding the direction of the trolley having been discharged. The straight rail and curved rail are made of wear-resistant material. The fixed screen is set in the head hood of the rotary kiln with the material being ZGCr25Ni20NmoRe.

The rotary-type cooler shall meet the following general technical requirements: it shall adopt reliable static and dynamic seal method; it shall adopt effective measures to solve the segregation of the radial particle size of the fabric; it shall be equipped with two sets of transmission gears and its main driving motor shall be in charge of frequency control; its measuring pocket shall solve the fabric’s unevenness; it shall solve the problem of the off-tracking of the rotary kiln’s frameworks; it shall solve the play and fumble between trolley and trolley, as well as between trolley and framework; it shall also solve the problems that the weight for leveling is unsatisfactory in material and form, has low life span and many breakdowns; it shall solve the material problem of fixed screen; it shall also solve the transformation of the stainless steel plate partition between cooling sections; It shall also solve the problems of low life span of striker plate.

2 Scope of supply of equipment

2.1  Driving device
2.2  Rotary body assembly
2.3  Backup roller
2.4  Side retaining roller
2.5  Pressing rail assembly
2.6  Rack assembly
2.7  Feeding hopper
2.8  Hood assembly
2.9  Safety device for discharging 
2.10 Bellows
2.11 Ash unloading valve
2.12 Fixed screen
2.13 Supporting platform

3  Equipment manufacturing requirements and inspection standards

  3.1 Rotary-type cooler manufacturing requirements and inspection standards

  3.1.1Construction drawings, completed by Seller, shall subject to Buyer’s review and signing. Only after that, can this drawing be followed for manufacturing. Such works as assembling, test and inspection are then performed in the manufacturing plant.
3.1.2 Rust protection and coating should performed according to design requirement.
3.1.3 Manufacturing, assembling and commissioning of the rotary-type cooler should meet the requirements of design drawings and documents and be provided with complete quality inspection reports. Supervisors for equipment manufacturing are entitled to check and review quality inspection reports and relevant documents.
3.1.4 Main Technical Standard for Manufacture and Inspection:

3.2 Manufacture and Inspection Requirement for Main Component of Circular Cooler

3.2.1 Frame and Transmission Support
Use H-shaped or other shaped steel to manufacture the column, beam and bracing of frame and transmission support; weld the small number of specific H-shaped steel; guarantee the welded H-shaped steel comply with the provision in YB3301-92; and take shaping after welding.
Guarantee the verticality formed by upright column and its center line as required by drawing and the assembly accuracy of frame as required by design.
3.2.2Rotating Frame and Trolley
Units of rotating frame are connected by bolt and hinge bolt. Concentricity of two concentric shafts on inner and outer beams of rotating frame shall satisfy the tolerance requirement. Eliminate the internal stress of rotating frame after welding; take machine tooling; take ultrasonic testing on main weld line related to structural strength as required by drawing; guarantee the quality of weld line no lower than grade-II in GB/T3323-1987. Use the bent standard steel rail as the track of rotating frame.
Trolley is made of special heat-resistant steel, whose mechanical property, chemical composition, spheroidization rate and unit elongation shall comply with the provision of design. Shaft hole of trolley is required to bore through once.
3.2.3 Pressure Track and Side Track
Pressure track and side track can be processed with bent shaped steel or forged piece.
3.2.4Bellows Device
There are totally nine bellows devices which consist of upper shield, bellows, sealing plate, etc. Therein, upper shield and bellows are made of general steel plate. Arrange rib plate on the outside of bellows and upper shield to prevent deformation; use kerosene to inspect the leakage of weld line influential to air leakage of bellows device; and use special rubber to seal the bellows device.
3.2.5 Fixed Screen
Fixed screen mainly consists of support, screen frame beam, protective cap and water pipe. Screen frame beam and support are made of welded steel plate which shall pass the ultrasonic testing and reach grade-II or above according to JB4730-94. Take ultrasonic testing on weld line and guarantee to reach grade-II or above according to JB4730-94. Take leakage test on screen frame beam and support, and use seamless steel pipe as water pipe.
3.2.6 Feeding Hopper
Feeding hopper consists of hopper, partition and tenderizer weight, being supported by civil engineering platform. Feeding hopper is mainly made of welded steel plate, so weld line shall be complete without any discontinuous welding, skip welding, slag, pore, crack, cold solder joint, insufficient weld bead height or other defects. Feeding hopper contains air-cooled wall, water-cooled wall and water-cooled beam, which are made of welded steel plate. Guarantee the quality of weld line as required by drawing; add pressure water to take leakage test on water-cooled wall and water-cooled beam after welding; and avoid the phenomenon of water seepage and leakage. Use special heat-resistant alloy cast steel to manufacture tenderizer block and arrange it on the discharge hole of feeding hopper.
Driver mainly consists of motor, reducer, shaft joint and driving platform, wherein driving platform and driving platform support are made of welded steel plate and shaped steel. Eliminate the internal stress after welding.
3.2.8 Fan Cover
Fan cover is mainly made of general welded steel plate and shaped steel, inside and outside of which is arranged with access doors.
3.2.9 Discharge Spout
Discharge spout is mainly made of general welded steel plate and shaped steel.

4  Installation Requirement for Equipment

Construct, install and inspect the circular cooler according to design drawing and “General Specification for Construction and Acceptance of Machinery Installation Project” (GB55711-98).

4.1 Installation Requirement for Equipment

4.1.1Straighten and correct the deformation of component caused by transporting and unloading before installation;
4.1.2 Straighten the component such as beam, upright column and steel connecting plate after cutting and welding; pay attention to the impact of contraction; allow adjusting by adding washer during component installation; leaving margin for some components for the dimensional accuracy of civil engineering foundation; and weld after adjustment and cutting during installation.
4.1.3 Eliminate the internal stress of component after welding.
4.1.4 Bore after welding unless indicated in drawing. Don’t bore by torch cutting.
4.1.5 Fix and install the side roller, transmission part and other joint parts after site adjustment.
4.2 Main Technical Standard for Installation

5 Test run and performance test of equipment

Circular cooler shall be generally assembled, no-load tested and load tested on site. The inspection and performance test shall conform to the followings:
5.1  The driver shall be running-in under no-load and gradually loading operation.
5.2  The circular cooler commissioned as a whole, which shall meet the drawing requirements.
5.3  Seller shall send personnel to participate in no-load and load tests and to settle technical problems in relation with manufacturing that comes out during the test run.


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Cooler  China  in   Lattakia Syrian Arab Republic   fenner grid coupling  price    in   Lubango Angola   helical coupling sales   Annular Cooler with top quality lowest price


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