Double Disk Type Flexible Coupling



Parts [ M ]Material [ S ]Surface Treatment [ A ]Accessories
Hub Aluminum Alloy Clear Anodize Set Screw
Flex Element Stainless steel
Part Number Allowable Torque (N · m) Max. Rotational Speed (r / min) Moment of Inertia (kg · m2) Angular Misalignment ( ° ) Allowable Axial Misalignment (mm) Static Torsional Spring Constant (N · m / rad) Mass (g)
JAM2-C20 1 10000 1.1×106 2 ±0.20 550 19
JAM2-C26 2 3.3×106 ±0.20 700 31
JAM2-C29 3 5.5×106 ±0.30 1200 43
JAM2-C33 5 1.1×105 ±0.40 1500 60
JAM2-C39 8 2.7×105 ±0.50 3350 113

Main Characteristics of Double Disk Type Coupling
1, the ability to compensate for the misalignment of the two axis, compared with the angular displacement of the gear coupling can be double the radial displacement of the reaction force is small, flexible, allowing a certain degree of axial, radial and angular Displacement.
2, with a clear damping effect, no noise, no wear.
3, to adapt to high temperature (-80 +300) and harsh environments, and in a shock, vibration, safe and dynamic.
4, transmission efficiency, up to 99.86%. Particularly suitable for medium and high-speed high-power transmission.
5, simple structure, light weight, small size, easy assembly and disassembly. Do not have to move the machine can be installed (with the intermediate shaft type), no lubrication.
6, can accurately transfer speed, running without slip, can be used for precision machinery transmission

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